Announcing Zeptobuntu 10.04 Update 2!

This is probably the biggest "update" (I hesitate to call it that) that I've done on the script yet, besides adding KDE support. Speaking of which, the 10.04.2 script integrates the choice between GNOME and KDE. Additionally, the script now has a "default setup", which is what is built if the user just hits Enter a bunch of times. As a part of creating the default install, I had to rework the syntax of the script (unfortunately have to perform all string operations on the numerical choices... I feel dirty).

Probably the hardest thing was changing the way libdvdcss2 (DVD playback support) is installed. It used to invoke a script that was installed with the libdvdread4 package, which is the standard method. However, this caused complicated output, and I wanted a simpler way. So, after detecting which architecture your computer has (32-bit or 64-bit), it simply downloads the appropriate package file from Medibuntu and installs it.

Oh, and I removed that broken option to move the minimize-maximize-close buttons over to the right. Didn't work at all. :P

Check it out here:

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