Permission granted!

Not too long ago, I contacted Canonical customer support for permission to use the Ubuntu name and logo in relation to this project. In response, I received the following email.
Dear Anthony,

Thank you for contacting us and your interest in and support of Ubuntu.

Canonical is the official sponsor of the UBUNTU project and owns the trade marks, both in the word and logo form, relating to the project.

To keep the balance between the integrity of our trade marks and the ability to customise UBUNTU, we've tried to define a reasonable trade mark policy that allows our Community to use UBUNTU and to promote the project. In case you haven’t seen it, that policy is at

We do encourage people to make custom versions of UBUNTU, and we have established a "remix" concept to allow for this. Remixes are derived versions of UBUNTU. Where the changes from the official UBUNTU product are minimal the UBUNTU trade marks may be used, but only to identify that the system is based on or built on UBUNTU.

Once again, thank you for your support of the UBUNTU project.

Kind regards,

Trade Marks Team

Michelle Surtees-Myers
Ubuntu - Linux for Human Beings

What does this mean? It means we can use the Ubuntu logo and name, as long as we don't claim to be officially sanctioned or affiliated with the Ubuntu project (which we don't). Huzzah!

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