Minimal Desktop 10.10 "Attobuntu"

The next version of MDU, slated for release in less than six days (that's right, I'm working at a Day 0 release), is nearing completion. I've committed the latest test version to the Github, and you can also get it from the PVA. An announcement will be made on Launchpad, Freshmeat and here when the version goes gold. The generator's update will happen sometime in the next two weeks (there's only one or two things that have changed since the generator was completed).

What has changed:

  • Added a script to be added into rc.local that will properly update the Opera repositories (especially if the computer is on a wireless network)

  • Removed some packages that don't exist in maverick

  • Added Fluxbox support

All in all, no major changes so far. Aptitude was rumored to be removed from the final version of Maverick, but it's still in the daily ISO, so it seems to be fine.

Stay tuned!

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