Domain Name Migration

I have decided to stop automatically renewing my domain name, This isn't really important yet, but next November (in 2012) the domain will expire. I have registered a domain with, and in a few hours will be fully functional. (ie. MDU-SG will be instead of

I am doing this so that I may make this project truly free, as in cost-free. I was formerly paying ~$11 USD for a .com domain registration per year. There's no reason for me to do that anymore, since almost all of the traffic related to this project originates elsewhere (and almost all of the traffic to the domain comes from here).

Again, you really won't have to worry about this for over a year. I'm just letting you know now, so you can update your bookmarks and what-not.


Brian said...
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aveilleux said...

Spam posts will not be tolerated. Your post had content, but including a link to something unrelated constitutes spam. Don't do that.

domina said...

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