Attobuntu Update 1

Version 10.10.1 of the MDU script is almost ready. Some changes:

  • CUPS (printing) support
  • Wicd enabled as a choice for GNOME
  • Fixed the read-only README problem

You can download the latest test version from my Personal Version Archive.

You can now download the script from Launchpad.


Daniel said...

Hello. What do you say about a tinyurl for the script? I created: . It's downloading properly but with the name of "mdubuntu". It's easier to keep it in mind.

aveilleux said...

A URL minimizer? I'd have to look into that. I'd rather rely on external (non-project-related) services as little as possible. Thanks for the suggestion.

SKM said...

Have you updated your script to work with Natty? Does it install Unity?


aveilleux said...