Official stance on a Natty update (11.04, AKA Femtobuntu)

It'll happen when it happens. I've been a little cramped for time, with work and biking and all the things I can do now that the sun stays out for more than 10 minutes.

Estimated changelog:
  • Port script to Ubuntu 11.04
  • Add Unity support
  • Add GNOME3/GNOME2 choice
  • Add XFCE support (tentative)
Additionally, MDU 12.04 will be the final official update to MDU. Its codename will be "Hellabuntu", in support of the Make Hella- Official group. It will follow MDU 11.10, "Nanobuntu", so named in honor of the nano text editor.

Previously, I was using a naming convention that took the lowest SI prefix and suffixed "buntu" onto it. Nanobuntu skips over "Picobuntu" (pico is what nano is based on), since pico is not open-source.


esauvisky said...



and what do you mean with "MDU 12.04 will be the final official update to MDU"? are you going to stop developing MDU?

aveilleux said...

ETA: Probably later this week sometime.

And, yeah. Pretty much. I'm not going to stop updating my own personal version of the script (I use a version without all the choices, since I know what I want), but the official versions of MDU are going to stop being released by me and my team next year. If someone wishes to fork the project, then by all means. But I no longer have the time to personally manage the project, and I wanted to end on an LTS release of Ubuntu.