Evidently Natty doesn't like a CLI install (from the 11.04 Alternate install disc). It refuses to boot! Let's hope the Netboot installation works.

Update: As dpeter pointed out, the CLI install fails to work inside the testing environment (as well as older machines). Until this is ironed out, I can't really work on the project effectively.

Le Second Update: esauvisky pointed out that tty switching still works. I hate to do it, but I guess I have to make the user handle tty switching in order to get to the script until this bug is fixed. Thanks, mate!

Update the Third: Installing GNOME forces the install of Unity. This needs to stop happening. I'm not even sure why, because none of the dependency trees map out that way. I think the default install of GDM is designed to kick to Unity, even when it's not even installed.

Update4: Or not! It's just stupid and gives me the standard "your hardware can't run Unity" message, despite Unity not being installed at all.


dpeter said...

I found this and it appears you are not the only one with this problem.

Need to remove "splash quiet" from grub.

esauvisky said...

could someone fix that issue?
i'm also having it, and i couldn't fix until now.

actually, i found out that you can switch ttys, but they doesn't work very well.

esauvisky said...

ok, i think i could. appearly, the problem is with grub. it's switching to tty7 even without X11. (

i did it this way:
1- install from alternate following the guide
2- start the system and wait until hdd light stops blinking
3- change to tty1 with ctrl+alt+F1 (or HostKey+F1 on virtualbox)

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