Femtobuntu Progress Report

I've ported the script fully to 11.04. As expected, the KDE and *box segments required no modification, however (for some odd reason) you still get the generic Unity error on the first login (it never shows up again). Unity isn't in there yet, but I'm working on it. If you want to hop on the testing train, you can download the script from http://minimal-desktop.sublevel21.com/latest.sh. Remember if you're wget'ing this onto a new CLI install you'll have to manually switch to tty1.

Unity support is my priority right now, then Xfce after that. GNOME2/3 work fine (so far as I know).

Update: Whaaaaat? The KDE install boots to GNOME 2. I... don't even know what causes that. Investigating the crap out of this...


esauvisky said...

hey, just a problem i found:

when installing gnome system with restricted extras it installs ubuntu-restricted-addons which installs icedtea6-plugin which installs icedtea-plugin which install firefox, regardless of what you choosed for browser.

i'll try removing ubuntu-restricted-addons and installing all it's recommends separately, without icedtea.

also, there are other leftover softwares, as a lightweight browser which i don't remember it's name (i'm not at home right now)

aveilleux said...