Okay, I don't even know anymore

Installing kdm installs all of the GNOME packages. Why? I JUST DON'T KNOW.

Putting the -R flag into all the commands. I'm tired of non-required packages being installed.


esauvisky said...

when running this line:
aptitude -R install gdm gnome-themes gnome-themes-ubuntu light-themes

it prints off:
The following packages are RECOMMENDED but will NOT be installed:
9wm awm awm++ afterstep amiwn awesome blackbox compiz ctwm dmz-cursos-theme dwm e16 e17 fluxbox flwm fvwm fvwm-crystal fvwm1 gnome-settings daemon i3-wm icewm icewm-experimental icewm-lite jwm kde-window-manager larswm lesstif-bin libcanberra-gtk3-module libgtk-3-bin lwm matchbox-window-manager metacity miwm mutter olvwm olwm openbox oroborus pekwm policykit-1 ratpoison sapphire sawfish scrotwm tiniwm twm uwm vbetool vtwm w9wm winwowlab wm2 wmaker wmii wmii2 x-ttcidfont-conf xfconf xfwm4


ok. actually it's pretty interesting. I can't track which packages are causing this recommendation error, but i think it's a bug and canonical isn't aware of it.

esauvisky said...

ok, actually i think that the problem is with x11-common package.

when checking from synaptic a small package, like w9wm, it's listed as a dependency of x11-common.
however, when looking at x11-common it doesn't list w9wm as a dependency nor as a recommend, but as a conflict.
also, when looking here, x11-common is listed without those bizarres dependencies.

i'm getting crazy

Morgan said...

When you login the first time try and make sure that gnome login manager is not set to Unity and just change it to Classic or what ever you need

aveilleux said...

@Morgan: I'm talking about KDM, not GDM.

esauvisky said...

no progress anymore?

i'm waiting for it to format my pc :D

i've tryied with -R but it doesn't gives good results. i think there are missing important programs which were installed before -R.